First Day in a Guy’s World

The first day of any job is something new and always sprinkled with a bit of mildly-terrified “what am I doing” moments.

My first day would be filled with men, awkward conversations and lots of silence.

My first day as a marketing and event intern at a tech company was far from ordinary. It was different than my first internship at the food bank, as a summer painter and far from a sales associate at a discount clothing store.

When I pulled into the parking lot and walked through those daunting glass doors I felt like I was finally doing big things and going places. At last I will be making big waves, sharing my ideas and meeting lifelong mentors who will pave my road to success!

I was greeted by a man, waited in line for orientation check in with all men and an old lady that I think was wearing those toe shoes. After check in I made my way to a door marked A-M, sat next to two guys about my age and began to socialize. After 30-seconds I realized my next 8 hours of my first day would be filled with men, awkward conversations, lots of silence, an enormity of tech information thrown at me that I did not understand, and more men. Was it because they have always been surrounded by technology?

On my first day I met one woman.

It was after that first day I began to notice the gap of women in the tech industry.

And this is where my observations began.


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