Importance of Communication

Being a communication major I love to communicate, as well as observe people communicate. I find it very interesting and always informative.

The first few weeks of my internship I listened and watched communication between individuals in tech with one another and with marketers.

My observations were fascinating.

I learned about peoples magic words, I learned about where to sit in the lunchroom, I also learned when to say hi to everyone in the hallway… and more importantly when not to.

However, I think many times we get in the habit of not speaking while at work and lose track of how to communicate with the world.

One day after the gym I saw a woman who I saw almost every day at the gym; I smiled and nodded and looked down to tie my shoe. She then did the unthinkable… she talked! Not just a simple “hi,” but she asked what department I work in and how long I have been working out in the gym because she sees me every day.

I froze. Deer in the headlights and completely baffled by someone talking to me. No one talked at work, let alone to me! What was happening…

I blurted out “yes!” Then thought a little and realized that had not answered the question. ” I work in this department in this building.” I turned around and smiled to myself. I had talked to my first person this week!

I spent the whole day thinking about it, how I should have asked what department she works in and how she likes the gym. But I was not used to it. Everything I had observed included silence.

My advice looking back on this now is to always talk to strangers and be friendly and smile because you never know when one of them will talk back!

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