New Job & New Stories

Well, I’m back… Back again and with a new job. Took me what feels like forever.

I am no longer working at a tech job. Instead I’m working on the corporate side of a contractor university.

I love what I’m doing, mostly because I love creating communication plans and the people I work with are way more enjoyable than engineers. And there are women that I work with on a daily basis. Girl Power woohoo!


I love nerdin’ out creating communication plans and such, but I’ve come to realize that most jobs are focused on men. My target audience is men 18-60 in the contracting field. So, I’ve simply just shifted which men I surround myself with. And these guys are quite different than the engineers I worked with previously. BUT just as challenging to identify their wants and needs.

Keep a lookout for my upcoming posts about shifting out of the tech industry, the struggles with shifting your job to a different field, application processes in the modern day, and determining the best job for YOU.

What are some of the topics in you girl’s work life? What interests you?

Share in the comments below your insights and stay tuned for more to come!


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