The Value of an Internship

Internships promote and foster learning and development of individuals. It is a great way to test your hand at something new and gain knowledge you might not otherwise have learned or even wondered about. Internships are valuable learning opportunities.

You learn about work culture and how to be a part of a team. Working side-by-side with people in their careers is valuable. You begin to understand expectations, deadlines and the company environment.

How many other women reading this can say that their internship secured their job later on? I can. Share your story in the comments below. This kid thinks internships will benefit him too!


There is something to be said to create your own work at a company and feel like you are contributing to the success of an organization. This may have less of an impact on someone who works at a larger company, but there is still a feeling of meaning and worth in your efforts.


As and communication major my three internships in different communication roles not only helped me understand what I liked and didn’t like about my major. But it also showed me a variety of different work environments, which helped me decide after graduation what type of job I wanted, as well as the size of company I wanted to work at.

How many internships have you had? In what ways did they benefit you. Who has a story to share about their experience. Share in the comments below your insight.

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