The Hunt – Applying for YOUR Next Job

So you are applying for a job. Maybe you are like everyone else applying. How do you score the job you want, and still put food on the table. Your tips for having a killer job application is here!


Avoid Resume Errors

Check and double check your resume. Have someone read over it for common resume spelling errors. And check your name for spelling errors too. I will never forget the time I forgot a letter in my name in my application – at least I knew why they never called me back…

Keep your head up

Applying job after job can get overwhelming and sometimes even depressing. Especially if you don’t ever hear back from them. To get the job I have now I was un-employeed for 6 months and actively looking for a job those last 2 months. During this time I applied for over 200 jobs and got less than 10% call backs. I felt that I wasn’t good enough. I questioned what was wrong with me. So my advice is keep your head up and don’t give up!

Work your network gurrl

You’ve probably heard this from everyone you know, but this is an important one! Your network (LinkedIn, friends, family, maybe even Facebook) knows what’s out there. And maybe you will get lucky and hear about something that isn’t even on the job market yet. Tell people you are on the job search and accept help when it is given to you. This is more important than you know!

Know what you are applying for

This should be a no brainer, but all too often you will get a call about an interview with a company you know nothing about. Before you show up dressed for success research the company. And look at what others are saying about what it’s like to work there!

What are your tips and tricks to the job application processes? We would love to hear from you!




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