6 Killer Interview Tips

Sitting in my car, parked in the back of the parking lot. Listening to nothing, nothing but silence. This is what I do before EVERY interview.

Everyone has their own interview routine that works for them.

Since the start of my job hunt this interview prep routine had become all too routine. I would go to bed early, wake up early, eat my oatmeal and review my interview notes. I kept it boring and simple and it worked great. I don’t like to over clutter my brain with stimulation before the interview day. I like to be fresh.

My interview to job offer ratio only increased with practice. This week I am here to share some of my secrets to the interview process and preparing for all of those repetitive questions about who you really are.

  1. Prepare –

    Review your resume, know your talking points. This is important. Know who you are and how your history is reliant to this job. Take the time to quiz yourself on how you will answer the common interview questions.

  2. Research –

    Try googling the company. What did you find interesting from your research. When a company interviews you they really want to know if they can invest in you. To fully do that they want to know that it is going both ways and you want to invest in them. Research the company so you know what to ask them when they ask “do you have any questions for them?” We both know this question is coming, go in prepared for it. Maybe even jot it down so you don’t forget it.

  3. Show up Early

    It doesn’t matter if you are meeting at the local Starbucks or if its for a job your not sure if you want. Always show up early. It shows you are committed and should be taken seriously.

  4. Ace the Interview

    You’ll kill it and knock it out of the park with confidence! This is a combination of knowing your talking points, as well as going in knowing how you will answer the “common Joe” interview questions. More importantly be yourself. Be passionate about what you are passionate about. If you don’t act like yourself the interviewer won’t know if you are a good mesh with the team you will be working with. This is important! Don’t be fake. Be Genuine. And with this you will be more confident because you are acing the interview in your own skin.

  5. Dress for Success

    You should dress for the job you want, not the one you are interviewing for. This may sound silly, but the interviewer has very little to go on when interviewing you. They may want someone with potential to become a future manager and if you are wearing your converse and expecting that manager position at the company in three months, welp you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

  6. Please and Thank You –

    Okay maybe you don’t say “please give me the job,” but you should say thank you. Maybe handwritten cards is your thing, maybe it isn’t. Either way – Follow up!

No matter how the interview goes know you can step away knowing more than what you knew going in. It is a learning opportunity AND a great one at that.

What are your interview tips for success, share with us your insights in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in this week, looking forward to sharing more with you next week.



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