Size of Computing

Regardless of the industry the changing technology has been something that is exciting and event daunting for some! The size keeps on getting smaller, how small with these things get… is technology watching you right now?

Can you imagine being around and working in technology at the point when the development of the PC?

Imagine the questions. Image the excitement and possibilities at your finger tips.

During my job application search I remember two things. File type mattered for many applications, which is a relatively new thing. I mean who even invented the PDF? Technology is soo cool!

And now you can even submit applications via your phone or tablet!

While in Europe I was applying for jobs constantly hoping and praying that by the time I got back I would have a plethora of interviews set up. And I did this all while traveling usually with a handheld device. Crazy how remote our location can be, and we are still able to communicate with the rest of the world effortlessly.

My dad is here with us again to talk about the industry as the rapid changing technology occurs and happens again and again.

Do you remember the first time you saw a computer? What was your reaction? Share in the comments section your first PC experience.

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