Feeling You Belong

It is one thing to get an internship and yet another to feel you belong there. Work environment is crucial and, often times, something you don’t discover until you have been there for a couple of months.


Internships are great ways to test out different work environments. Different people. Different size work environments. And different work locations.

All these things are important and can play a vital role in how you feel about your job. However, internships don’t always reveal the whole picture, all the work politics and all the real life shit that happens at the office.

So, take matters into your own hands and do a personal work check-in.

5 key questions for work HAPPINESS:

  1. How is your work-life balance?

  2. Do you have good communication with your boss and peers?

  3. Are you given the proper training?

  4. Are you being recognized for your hard work?

  5. How is your teamwork with co-workers?

I’m not suggesting if you don’t answer positively that you should just drop everything and run out the door. You need to ask yourself what you can do in your current situation to improve the work environment and feel like you belong.

What questions have you asked yourself to determine your own feeling of work belonging?


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